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The dangers of using free antivirus

How Can Free Antivirus Software End Up Costing You?

free antivirus software doesn’t provide the overall protection you need against today’s online threats. So would you trust your computer, applications, files and identity to free antivirus software? It can end up costing you more in time, aggravation, and money than just buying a yearly subscription.

Most free antivirus software is really just what software companies use to draw you in.

It’s usually a basic version of one of their paid products that offer only limited protection against today’s online threats so doesn't leave you and all your personal information 100% protected

After you install most free antivirus software, you can expect constant reminders popping up alerts to tell you that it only provides “basic” protection. They do this to try and convince you to move from the free one they've

been offering you to their full price one.

Also, did you know if you do online banking on your computer or laptop without paid-for antivirus your bank will not cover you against fraud as you have left your self open to it.

Rrecently a new article has gone around about a free antivirus firm called "Avast" which has been reportedly has been selling users' web browsing data.According to an investigation published on Monday by Motherboard and PCMag the software appears to track users clicks and movements across the web, and collects data on things like google and google maps, YouTube videos, porn sites and many more.

Would you like people being able to have full access to what you are searching and viewing?

What can Pc-Part X offer you to help you not to fall into this trap?

We offer a yearly subscription of BullGuard for 12 months at the cost of just £30

which offers:

  • Secure Browser

  • Advanced Machine Learning

  • Comprehensive Identity Protection

  • Next gen anti-malware

  • Game Boost

  • Vulnerability Scanner

  • Parental Control

  • Firewall

  • Home Network Scanner

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