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Security is a huge factor when sending your computer for repairs. Anti-virus is great for internet safety, but when bringing your computer, laptop, phone or tablet into a repair shop, there is a level of trust you must have with the staff.

The latest editions of Windows allow you to sign in to your computer using your Windows Live account, should you wish. This allows you to synchronise your data across multiple computers or devices easily, and allows use of software which is associated with your Windows Live account, such as Microsoft Office, and more. If you use this feature and take your computer in for repair, you may be required to provide that password for repairs to take place.

Google Chrome is the world's most used internet browser, and by logging into your Google account through the browser, you can similarly sync your browsing history, cookies, passwords, and sometimes addresses and bank details across devices such as your computer, laptop and mobile phone or tablet. Although it is a huge convenience, you may put yourself at risk. If you set your account to log in automatically when you open Google Chrome, then anyone who has physical access to your computer, phone or tablet may be able to access such details without your knowledge or consent.

There is a huge trust factor when taking your computer for repairs, and here at PC-Part X we assure you that your data is safe. PC-Part X has been trading for over 25 years, and we offer you a 100% guarantee and promise that your data is safe from misuse no matter what you bring in for repairs.

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