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Changes to store pricing and warranty policies

We’ve been making some changes in store to help customers understand our pricing and warranty model.

We’re currently making it easier for you to understand the pricing on all our computers, Macs and more, by introducing a grading model.

From now on all our price cards will include a grading of A, B, or C, and the criteria will be as follows.

Grade A – Mint Product is like new, very little wear and tear.

Grade B – Good Product is in good condition, light scratches and general wear and tear.

Grade C – Working Product is noticeably damaged, scratched, and worn.

We’re just beginning to adopt this new model, and have yet to add grades to all the price cards in store. If you find yourself in store and not knowing the grade of a product, then feel free to ask a member of staff.

We have also changed our warranty information to days, as opposed to months on all price cards. Some time frames have also been adjusted too.

The new warranty model is as follows:

Purchases up to £100

30 Days

Purchases up to £250

90 Days

Purchases above £250

120 Days, unless otherwise specified on the price sheet.

Warranty does not cover software, batteries (where applicable), chargers (where applicable), misuse, forgetting password, and the removal of viruses or malware.

We hope that these changes make it easier for customers to understand our pricing and warranty guidelines when visiting the shop.

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