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Gaming PCs

Our gaming PCs are built by gamers for gamers. 

We can build your dream PC for you, to your exact specification if you know exactly what it is you need, or we can recommend specifications based on the games you want to play.


Every gaming PC we build is tested vigorously to ensure maximum performance. Using benchmarking tools, stress testers and more, we push your computer to its limits to make sure it will be reliable in the most intense gaming sessions! 


Have you noticed your frames dropping? We may be able to help! We offer a speed up service where we will blow out all of the dust, brush away all of the spam, and vaccinate any viruses you may have. 


Drop in or call our showroom for more information, we're always happy to offer advice on any problems or questions you may have. 

Start planning now

Head to our in-store PC builder and start choosing the parts for your own rig, and 

Check out our previous builds

See the smiles of our customers, or the majesty of their builds by browsing our gallery below.

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