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Which browser is the best?

One of the questions we get asked frequently is “Which browser is the best?” Well the answer to that question is subjective on many factors, but our typical recommendation is Google Chrome. In this article we tell you why.


Chrome was specifically designed to quickly and efficiently load, display and interact with the vast array of applications on the web, boasting a built-in Flash and PDF reader.

Google Sync

If you have a Google Email (Gmail) account, you can sign in to your Google Chrome software to easily and safely synchronise your settings, passwords, bookmarks, and Chrome extensions between devices, including your computer, tablet, and mobile phone. You can even manage what data you would like to sync between your devices by turning on or off settings within the Sync manager in your Chrome settings.

Clean, Sleek, and Tidy

Chrome has arguably the cleanest interface of all browsers currently on the market, and offers the most amount of viewing real-estate. On par with this is it’s simple to use menus, one button can guide you to anything you need, from bookmarks to settings, and history to browsing tools.


Chrome is secure on the web with built-in malware and phishing protection, and auto updates. Using Google’s indexing methods through it’s search engine, it can identify if a website has been deemed trust-worthy, and will either display the website according to the result. If a website is not safe it will load a red screen which contains information about why it is blocked.


Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. Chrome is the king of extensions. There are extensions for many popular applications, both to integrate them into Chrome itself, or to modify/customize the web interfaces of services!


Google Chrome utilizes a technique known as sandboxing. Sandboxing creates a process for each item which is running through the software, including the software. The use of such a technique in a browser is incredibly useful and safe, as it isolates what happens in each tab, each plug-in, and each service being used by Google Chrome, and closing a tab will kill the process in your computers Task Manager. Sandboxing is one method of preventing malware from installing itself on your computer.

Chrome fast became a user favourite shortly after it’s release, and has now become the most popular known browser.

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