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All products have their own limited lifespan before they expire and become redundant. This applies to all technological gadgets including your PC. When the time comes, you will soon notice the usual symptoms of your PC’s declining ‘health’ like humming sounds from the motors, slower functioning speeds, and frequent pop-up ads when surfing the internet.

These issues can easily be prevented with proper care and usage and knowing factors that can potentially harm your PC system in the long run – whether it is the one you’re currently using or a newly purchased set. Give it a little attention and your PC will last longer and run smoother for your benefit.

And it is not too late to start! Below are some common mistakes that can harm your PC and laptop and what can you do to overcome them:

PC Ventilation Deficiency

One of the main issues that can cause your PC to malfunction is overheating. It often drains your laptop’s battery and your system will function slower than usual. The main culprit: wrong PC and laptop placement. Even though fans and air vents are included in all PCs for ventilation, a common mistake of placing your PC against the wall will obstruct warm air from flowing out and cool air from coming in. Laptop owners, on the other hand, tend to place their device on their lap or bed – a similar case of lacking ventilation.

Dust Buildup

Dust accumulation is another factor that can cause your PC and laptop to overheat. By placing your device on the floor, tiny particles will get sucked up through the air vents and slowly produce a layer of dust. In time, these layers will become thick enough to block up the airway and create overheating in the system. You would be surprised if you were to see the variety of dirt collected inside your PC. For example, dust, pet hairs and sand particles among other culprits.

Battery Drainage

With laptop manufacturers’ recent trend in designing a built-in battery, you must take care of the battery pack. Continuously plugging your charging adapter to your laptop, even when it is 100 percent charged, will eventually drain the battery juice way before it is due.

Physical Damage

Any physical damage will not be good to your PC or laptop. All hard drives are prone to permanent damage. Any hard knocks by dropping or hitting against any hard material will create damaging effects internally with loosening wires and cables.

Failure to Upgrade Software

Software issues do not affect the mortality of your PC and laptop. They do, however, slow down your device, displaying regular pop-ups and are vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks.

The Importance of Computer Maintenance

Maintaining your computer is an important factor to making sure your computer is running smooth, fast, and safe from any errors. You don't want your data going missing, your photos vanishing completely, or those important documents getting corrupt.

PC-Part X recommends that you do your best to take care of your system to prevent accidental data loss, and if you don't know how to do it yourself, or you don't want to risk doing it yourself, then bring it in for us to do. We will clean out your PC and make sure it is running as good as it possibly can, and most importantly we can make sure that your data is backed up for you securely.

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