how the virus could impact you

While everyone is worrying about the coronavirus have you thought about your technology?

Your technology can also get virus’ which give leave you out of pocket.

Do you keep important and personal information on your devices?

Use online banking?

Online shopping?

If so and you all this without a trusted a paid antivirus the banks are unlike to help you as it is seen as your responsibility to keep yourself safe online.

Back to the topic of the coronavirus, Social media platform Twitter has urged its employees to work from home, as part of its efforts to limit the further spread of the coronavirus.

Are you prepared if have to start working from home to try and prevent the spread of the virus? If not make sure you have all the technology you’ll need set up already, so you’re set to go from day one.

If you are not prepared to work from home, we are here to help and will aim to meet all of your needs you need to work at home

Whether it be your computer is not up to date, we can sort that for you.

Windows 7 to windows 10? That can be done the same day in most cases

Antivirus? We can offer you BullGuard which is £30.00 for 12 months (1 user) and £40.00 for 12 months (3 users)

Running slow? We can test if your HDD is failing or change it out for an SSD, which would make it feel like a brand-new machine

Needing a monitor? We have a wide range in starting from £25.00

We also have laptops starting at £79.00

And cover everything else in-between.

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